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22 December 2014

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In 1998, a small church was purchased by locals who lived in the local Biscot area of Luton. The area of Biscot had a growing population of Muslims with no Masjid within their vicinity. The church was used as a Masjid until 2005 when it was knocked down for a purposely built Masjid to be constructed. Prior to Ramadhan in 2006, the new Al-Jalal Masjid was opened and serves a vast Muslim community that come from not only the Biscot area but also other areas of Luton to worship and attend the Masjid activities. Al-Jalal Masjid provides daily prayers, the jummah prayer, evening madrasah for children, regular Islamic talks and courses for men and women. 

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The Qibla Tour at Al-Jalal Masjid

The Qibla Tour at ...

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Free Booklet!

Free Booklet!

Quran Project 'Love of Allah' booklet

Latest article - Steps to Gaining Allah

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7 steps to gaining Allah's love...

Want Paradise?!

Want Paradise?!

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Watch Masjid videos

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