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Taraweeh 2021

Taraweeh and Jummah booking

Booking opens 1pm on the day.

Tuesday 13th Apr

Wednesday 14th Apr

Thursday 15th Apr

Friday 16th Apr

Saturday 17th Apr

Sunday 18th Apr

Booking opens Thursday 1pm
Jummah Friday 16th Apr


In light of covid-19, Al-Jalal Masjid will have measures in place to best ensure our visitors have a
safe visit to the Masjid. Please see the guidelines below which should be followed. The list is not
comprehensive and is subject to change in light of the ongoing covid-19 situation.

  • There will be limited number of places for salah in jamah. Attendance is based on registration. Registration and
    further details at www.aljalalmasjid.org/ramadan21
  • Due to on going extension works and restricted capacity there will be no prayer facilities for women.
  • No children under 12 will be permitted.
  • All attendees must make wudu at home. There will be no wudu or toilet facilities in the Masjid.
  • Attendees must bring a shoe bag, prayer mat and have an appropriate face mask on at all times in the Masjid.
  • Social distancing must be maintained at all times.
  • Masjid volunteers and security will be on hand to support and guide you safely whilst in and around the Masjid.
    Please make sure they are listened to at all times to ensure a safe visit.
  • Attendees displaying any symptoms of covid-19 or isolating must not attend the Masjid.
  • The Masjid will open 15 minutes before adhan and will close shortly after end of salah in jamah.
  • There will be a one way system in place with entrance to the Masjid from the Biscot Road entrance and exit from
    the Alexandra Avenue exit.
  • There will be no iftar or itikaaf in the Masjid. Please do not bring or provide any food or literature to the Masjid.

Download the Ramadan 2021 Calendar.