Al-Jalal Masjid Maktab

Assalamualykum and welcome to our evening Maktab. Our aim is to instil the love of Quran and Islam in the hearts of our young students.  We want the students to contribute to family life and society through the pursuit of knowledge and guidance of the Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him)

  • Open to Boys and Girls - Segregated
  • Age 7 – 16 (Year 3 to Year 11)
  • Maximum class size of 10

Alhamdulillah now with additional space available from the extension and re-development works, the revised setup will be expanded to cater for a wider group and extended curriculum.

The classes will be segregated, with girls on ground floor and boys on the 2nd floor. There will be 3 levels, catering for all abilities from beginners Qāʿidah through to advanced Qurʿān Tajwīd. Each class size will be limited to a maximum of 10 students to ensure that the teachers to optimise contact time and learning per student.

Qāʿidah & Qurʿān classes

It is essential to ensure that our children learn the correct recitation of the Qurʿān. The first stage of this is learning is done by means of teaching the Arabic alphabets and rules of basic pronunciation using a text known as the Qāʿidah. After completion of the Qāʿidah, the students’ progress to reciting the Qurʿān.

Key teaching/learning materials:

Key teaching/learning materials:

IQRA The Quick Method of Learning To Read Al-Quran (6 Book Set) - Rasmul Utsmani, compiled by Ustaz Haji Asa'd Humam. This book set published by Darul Kitab, has gained global recognition for learning to read the Qurʿān and especially effective for non-Arabic speakers. Iqra' method emphasises the teaching of reading Qur'an through the phonetic method, how Jibril thought Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to read Al-Quran, and later how Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught his family and companions.

Islamic studies classes
One day a week will be dedicated to Islamic studies. We need to ensure that our children develop love of the deen, apply its principles to their lives and carry their Islamic identity with pride. The Islamic Studies programme not only deals with the everyday aspects of rituals, worship and etiquettes but also focuses on a wider range of topics such as having good conduct, caring for community and environment and teaches Islam as a holistic way of life, being able to adapt to the modern world without compromising beliefs and actions.

Key teaching/learning materials:

Key teaching/learning materials:

Islam studies textbooks: Learn about Islam (8 books in series) and Essential Duas and Surahs (2 books in series), by Safar publications. This curriculum has been developed in the UK, with multiple iterations over the last 25 years. Safar Academy Trust, an Islamic supplementary school with branches across the South East of the UK founded by Shaykh Hasan Ali in 1998. The focus is on providing a robust and comprehensive curriculum to equip students with the necessary knowledge and tools to develop a deep-rooted love and relationship with Islam. Through learning, understanding and embodying the Quran and Sunnah, learn to fulfil their religious rites and duties in an informed manner. Curriculum contents cover:

  • Fiqh - Islamic jurisprudence, the rules and practices we follow in Islam
  • Aqīdah - Learning and understanding Islamic beliefs
  • Sīrah - The biography of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and its relevance
  • Islamic history - Spanning the lives of all the previous Prophets as well as major events of importance.
  • Ādāb - Islamic manners and etiquette essential to a moral and rewarding life
  • Learn Essential Duas & Surahs - understanding the excellences of using the duas to help motivate their regular use.

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