RRS 2018

The 11th Annual Ramadhan Reminder Series 2018 – \”a series of weekly talks to inspire the hearts and minds in Ramadhan\”

Please visit our events page for further information – www.aljalalmasjid.org/events

Talks include:

Month of the Qur\’an By Dr. Uthman Lateef
Saturday 12th May / After Maghrib Jamat, 8.48pm

Ramadhan – the time to make a spiritual change By Ustadh Salim bin Rabah
Sunday 20th May / After Zuhr Jamat, 1.30pm

Dua: The essence of worship By Ustadh Asif Uddin
Sunday 27th May / After Zuhr Jamat, 1.30pm

Better then a thousand months By Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim
Sunday 3rd June 2018 / After Zuhr Jamat, 1.30pm

Salah and Zakat: our pillars for a better future By Ustadh Iqbal Nasim
Sunday 10th June / After Zuhr Jamat, 1.30pm

Venue: Al-Jalal Masjid, 314. Biscot Road, Luton, LU3 1AZ

All talks open to brothers and sisters with video link up for sisters in the Masjid..



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